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Gurusubramanian Swaminathan
2 min readJul 6, 2023

and I feel its basic for the family.

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This could be a controversy. Many parents will not agree. Many families who try to save on budget and expenses (Including me) will not agree. Of all the things, who will spend money on this !.

Yes, I was in this situation also until last year. But a free trial change my perspectives. Enrolled for Family Free Trial for Youtube premium. Thought this as luxury :). Very soon I realized that many in my own family are using the premium Youtube services and my friends also. So much blindsided.

YouTube Premium is for Family. All the family members can be subscribed into this services at one go. The only condition being all of you should be in same location.

Ad Free: That’s the best thing I can ask for. There is no problem as such with ads popping up. With the recent AI developments, the number of ads, based on your search history has been annoying. It starts as one ad.. then another.. with the watching Youtube increases day by day, the ads are really not helpful at all.

Specifically for Kids. While they can watch YouTube Kids, sometimes its not useful. Some of the genuine kid content are not available in Youtube kids. With the standard YouTube, they get exposed to too many ads and there by spending more time in Youtube itself. Sometimes the ads are also not great for kids — not age appropriate.

For adults, Premium is the best part. You can multitask.

All these you get for very smaller amount. Depends on which country you are taking the premium account.

What’s your benefit from using any of the premium services ?



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