Swiggy Moments

As I have mentioned many many times now, every person living in India is spoilt for choices in Year 2022 and that too specifically after all the COVID restrictions have been lifted. This is the narrative of one such occurrence for me.

15 April 2022. The day started off normal with the view that I will have to meet my dad today, as I have to visit there for some work. Just before leaving my uncle’s place, he reminded that its Dad’s birthday today at the right time, though I remembered it early. This set the ball in motion of making me think, what next, what can we take as gift etc.. We took the hot water flask which we bought in Dubai.. On the way, we also purchased a shirt in Pantaloons. Next, was the highlight and what prompted me to write!.

Swiggy!- The official called as “Restaurants in your pocket” is certainly true. Open. Order for Icecream cake in Ibaco. It said its going to be delivered in 39 minutes and my GPS said its going to take 25 mins to reach my Dad’s place. We thought that’s perfectly fine as we will reach and then can collect the cake. As it also provides the live tracking of where we are with the order, it was cutting close!. La! when we reached the house and parked the car, there the Swiggy delivery and he was just behind us parking his scooter for delivery of the cake. It was at that moment, realized that how fast the delivery is. The thought to delivery execution was total of 40 mins!. Remember.. its just not cake delivery..

It’s the transformation of the small moments to big one.. I should not even say big one. its the most memorable moments. During the Cake Cutting for Birthday, my dad casually mentioned had never cut a cake for his Birthday. Being traditional, there was no attempt earlier to do also. This was his 83rd Birthday. We could see that visibily he was happy and probably I should say it was possible only due to “Swiggy”.. “Swiggy Moment”

This is just an example of superfast delivery and there are many occasions where this was experienced in India.. See the next one for another experience… Until then …..



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Gurusubramanian Swaminathan

Gurusubramanian Swaminathan

Life Coach, Vivid Writer on Reflections, Life Journey