Retirement parties

Gurusubramanian Swaminathan
2 min readApr 25, 2022
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The retirement which I knew earlier was based on the retirement of my dad , uncle and aunts/ family friends. They were from regular LIC, state government and central govt of india.

The recent update was that of Central Government employee. Both from same govt office. Let’s call them Meena & Deena. Meena got retired in 2017 and Deena in 2021 during COVID times !

Even in 2017, Meena had thrown a big party for her retirement. It’s a gala event. The entire section/department in which Meena was working, got together to arrange for a grand farewell gift. With 30 years of service ,obviously everyone knows everything about the family of everyone !. They exactly know what Meena wants and gets the gifts ready. In similar way, Meena’s turn is to get the part arranged in a grand restaurant, invite people, decide who has to come to party and who need not. If not inviting for party, then what the level of return gift she could give to them. If coming to party, then what’s the level of return gifts ? Just a massive process to get the retirement Ie basically moving out of full time employment to full free time from official work. On further conversation, it was revealed that Meena had in fact redivided gold coins and silver items also as Farewell gifts.. and Meena had spent around Rs.70,000/- for the farewell party and return gifts!

As per the law of inflation, looks like it has impacted the retirement of Deena in 2021. Her farewell costs was at Rs 1,00,000/-. And that too in COVID times. It was so difficult for Deena to pick and choose selected members only event due to COVID. It’s not about inviting everyone and it’s about not inviting COVID for the invited guests. And hence the restrictions. This arrangements means that Deena has to plan for return gifts for many people who are not invited to Party. And also send the gifts by courier to their house.

It’s just pure satisfaction for Meena and Deena to give gifts to their friends and colleagues, with whom they have spent most of their day time during their prime years. If not for them, then for who else deserves these gifts ?

Wishing them a great start if new innings and pray God to give them courage to start the activities which they always wanted to. NOW is always the best time.

Even in india not many offices follow this tradition. Having seen retirement for one person outside india, it’s not a great comparison. Still what I saw was the clock stops on that day for that person, officially and post that is almost no contact with that person. That last day is the party time.



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