Michael Jordan — The GOAT

Haven’t strayed away from Fundamentals

This is something I had always wanted to write about. The Greatest of All times!. Michael Jordon. Have heard few quotes here and there.

Watching it all ie History of Michael Jordan and how he grew up, his passion for Basketball, the coach he got, the discipline he exhibited at a rookie level was testament to his success.

Photo by Fredrick Lee on Unsplash

The Bulls — Chicago Bulls — were lucky to get Michael drafted. Micheal Jordon was a “Go” person from the moment he was inducted in the team. Made clear difference in the initial games. Brought in the confidence within the team.

Some of my personal insights on Watching Michael Jordan’s career/Life:

  1. Practice, Practice and Practice:

Practice your art. Every day, no excuses. If you are aspiring to be the best writer, write every day.

2. Focus :

Focus on your practice. How’s your practice going ? Are you able to practice what you wanted to practice? is this the right way ? A famous quote from Bruce Lee is: “ Be afraid of the person who is practicing one style 10,000 times, instead of a person who is practicing multiple styles one time”

3. Never Give up

During the last game, with around a few seconds left also, Michael did not lost hope. He was aiming the basket as if its his first shot with so intense and full focus. He couldn’t make it. But still.. the attitude matters.

4. Become a brand — be authentic

Since he was very authentic in the game, he became a brand by himself. Chicago Bulls, NBA, Basketball become know to everyone in the world due to the pure game from Jordan.

Six time championship doesn’t happen always. Its the pure passion and hard work which had lifted the game, the team and country.

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