Janaranjani- 10th year celebrations

Gurusubramanian Swaminathan
3 min readNov 18, 2023

We really learnt a lot from the experts in this Radio field

Invite from Janaranjani organization for 7 Oct 2023–10th Year Celebrations

Janaranjani was introduced to us by our friend as an experience for the Radio Broadcasting. Quite rare to get this opportunity, but on the this org has been doing this activity for last 10 years in collaboration with 2nbc /90.1FM. Just that we didn’t know!

Just a set of 12 people have been working together to get this Radio station going. Hats off to them.

More on the Event and Program

Very well organized program. The event was conducted in Indoor auditorium/Theatre in Hurstville, NSW. All the participants/guests were served with snacks and juice even before the event start. What a gesture. The event had most eminent personalities.

Lambodara song was rendered in Bharatanatyam by 3 girls from the community.

Dr Sridhar Garu, who is working in Intensive Care Physician, came on the stage for Carnatic Vocal. He is a avid life long learner and that’s what he mentioned as he is still continuing his vocal journey.

Hon Minister Mark Cuore covered many aspects which are supported by him in the local community and mainly re-iterated about the importance of Languages

Councillor Ashwini Ambihaipahar harped on the subject of “Erosion of Learning Mother tongue” and the importance of embracing the mother tongue and also learning new languages. Another eminent speaker was Ms Niyathi Mehta, Director- Swami Vivekananda cultural centre.

One of the book was launched by the eminent personalities and other key members of Janaranjani association. The book was written and published by Shri Rao Konchada. High Level, the book is about the migration and generation of Telugu community from 1960’s to current date. The book is in telugu. Looking forward for the English version which may be launched after some time.

All the participants in Janaranjani Radio Broadcast, volunteers, executive members were facilitated with respect. Good to see so many young kids participating in these events and receiving the awards/certifications, building their confidence and a path for future.

The MC of the event was very timely, adjusting to many situations which just came up on the fly.

There are many other volunteer members involved to make this 10th Year Celebrations a grand success. Apologies from my side as I don’t know many of them / missed out to capture the information.

Last but not the least, thanks to Dr Usha Sridhar who had kindly accepted our request in the last couple of days to attend this event.

It was a great day for us, personally also, as we met Hon Sameer Pandey, First Indian Origin, Mayor of Parramatta (until Sep 23)




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