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Coming from the world of OTP for mostly about high value transaction only ( in Australia ) to 10 OTP usage per day (in India) immediately was bit of shockwave. But that’s the reality in Bangalore, India. App registrations, payment mechanisms, apartment security OTP, enabling SIM cards to name a few.

But really got used to paytm method of payment recently.

SMS for balances , SMS for payment before and after , SMS for membership, bills /invoices. E-bill has become de facto mode of invoices! No questions or opinions asked.

  • Do you want to travel ? Just check the OLA app..notifications sms, arrived sms, otp for starting the trip, sms for payments !

* it doesn’t stop here … sms for feedback , sms for thanks for the feedback.

* Next time when you login into the app, it shows the recommendations based on your usage.

With all these notifications, what has happened is the perceived control has gone back to ordinary people. The power is with them to decide whether to take Ola or Uber, Dominoz or PizzaHut, Amazon or FlipKart!

At the same time, everyday the “instant gratification” habit is getting built up. There is no appetite to wait for anything , no one see the value add of anything which takes more then couple of mins, be it tv Chanel getting stuck, your tube video loading or a longer video in WhatsApp or Insta.

There are also many sms for spanning and fraudulent activities. Just be careful of what you click upon.

Don’t forgo your long term passion projects to the traps of instant gratifications

Don’t forgo your long term passion projects to the traps of instant gratification.. it could be just 1 more episode of Netflix. Could be 1 more hour of sleep. Just stick to your guns.

Run 1 km more and get yourself satisfied with the extra achievement you did. And specifically about the notifications you get.

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Gurusubramanian Swaminathan

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