DILTS Logical Model : Translated to your day to day choices

Aha moment of purpose to environment.

DILTS Model — proposed by Robert Dilts explains the structure of the 6 levels of Logical model viz from the bottom -> Environment, behaviour, Capability or competence, Beliefs, Identity and to the top / Highest level of Spirituality. There is structure to this ie every level from the top will impact all the level under them. To understand better, refer to the model below :

DILTS Logical Levels

Spirituality refer to everything beyond all other levels. “What else”. If the Identity changes, the respective Organization/Individual beliefs change. If the belief change, then capability changes. That changes the behaviour of the individual and then whole environment changes!

What was the “Aha” moment when this model was explained. Given the very fact that immigrants are Hard working and I can honestly say that Indian immigrants across different countries like USA, Canada, London, Singapore or Australia are very hard working. There is no major backup/financial support for these migrants. Refer to the data here: More than 79% of the migrants arriving in Australia have Bachelor degree or HIGHER!. While they would have got educated based on their parents beliefs and need to identify themselves as “Parents who educate their kids at any cost”, the role these immigrants play in the new country is worth discussing.

Typically, backed with the strong education, they fundamentally believe that education and hardwork only pays off in long run. While any other methods may help in short run (short run could be decades), Education is a strong hold and that’s something cannot be taken away from a person. Hence the strong belief in education. Their self identity itself is based on education[ either bachelor or higher] and their entry into the country is also based on the education (which impacts the points for getting residency). This identify changes their belief that new country can actually provide better prospects. their belief improves their capability. Capability to sustain for longer period of time. Capability to support their family and they also get enough competence to show their capability in their work. Their behaviour at work, community changes for good cause. At the end, each and every individual with their own identity is positively impacting the whole environment where they work and live!. One of the best example I can quote based on last 5 to 6 years is the improvement in the primary school ranking across the suburbs where the density of Asian population has migrated in Australia. And hence the suburb profile, then the real estate prices, demand is much more than supply for each of the facility in that suburb and suddenly this becomes a “premium suburb” where everyone wants to live or at least aspires to live.

That’s the typical explanation for the DILTS model in real life. Your choice for the first home, your choice for where you want your kids to grow, your choice of where you want your family to live, your choice of community you want to be associated with — All stems from this model.

Sounds family with your day to day choices?

Like, share, comment — More the “self-validation”, more the better content next time!. until then.. Sip your coffee.. Keep thinking..



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