Brian Banks : Netflix Movie & Theory U

The starting of the movie allude to the powerful concept of “ Flow” state. The protagonist expertises this in the football field. The scene was set in Los Angeles ( Long beach).

Supposedly the “System” had failed which impacted Brian Banks to spend 6 years in correctional centre topped with 5 years is supervised parole. Brian recognize himself as innocent and strongly believes that he is innocent, due to the unnecessary stress on that situation.

With strong words from his mom- Brian — appeal again, not about the situation and about himself.” Write about you and about the situation. Explain who you are “. Brian writes to a lawyer to take up the case again.

From then on, the concept of Theory U plays on. Not sure whether the movie was made using this (movie is real life story). But that’s what it gave me an impression. I could be wrong. Happy to stand corrected.

Brian recalls that he should have listened to his “gut” feel on that fateful day, but he missed to listen!

First interaction between Brian and Brooks (trial) starts with Brooks advising Brian that theirs is nothing can be done , because he has done this,this and that. Brian convincingly brings up the point “You can always DO Something”. Broke explains about “Habeas Corpus”- Brand new evidence is required. This is the starting point of how things moved on from here… one thing leads to another.. and his writ petition got approved and this leads to more support from Brooks to understand fully about Brian..

At every turning point, the past was dropped completely , certain seconds of time for the Presencing and imagining how the future will look like , develop as it presents. Brooks keeps harping that there is nothing can be done! The entire student community stands up give their time to explore this case further.

Brooks argues again with Brian that system is broken, nothing can be done. Brian asks “ I know system doesn’t care, But do you ?” This powerful question shifts the perspective for the lawyer, Brooks. Brooks makes personal visit to incident place and observes. Brooks also realises that “The system has conditioned us to stop trying “.

When Brian brings a solid new evidence, all the lawyers were caught up in the technicalities, than truth!. Brian explains “extraordinary” in this case is HIM. Brooks understands that he has to leave the past and look for future solutions. Gets the prosecutor attention — Personal time to explain the situation. Brian explains how he wants to change all these negatives to positive.

Next idea worth noting — Go Public, as Brian gets this idea during conversation with Brooks. Finally Brooks says “ we are close and it’s working.”

Critical point is the argument between lawyers. Even when the chances of winning was so bleak , MOM encourages lawyers to think about the future and proceed with any small aspect which may help.

Brooks explains the “truth over technicality “ and brings in whole new perspective to the courtroom and judge . Just being there, drop the past and expect that future solution will come up. And it did come up in the Courtroom. The uncomfortable silence for 2 mins is the real time massive shift and change experienced by everyone in that room. And finally proved “Innocent”.

Open Mind — Removing old habits and look at fresh. [ every conversation between Brian and Brooks brings in new perspective]

Open Heart — developing capacity to look at the problem from differ angles [entire student community chimes in. Lawyers, opposition all work together ]

Open Will — Let go of the past. [ truth over technicality, laws which doesn’t help and wait for the future solution].

This is my way of decoding this movie . It could be right and some of you may feel it’s entirely not right.

Thanks for reading.


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