Astronaut — Katherine Bennell-Pegg from Australia

Gurusubramanian Swaminathan
1 min readOct 4, 2023

Her thoughts and advice for aspiring kids as part of Science Week 2023

Image Credit: Australia Space Agency

What skills are required for becoming an Astronaut ?

  • Need operational skills eg manufacturing, aviation, etc
  • Need to work across multicultural groups
  • Expedition skills like 5 weeks in sky diving, etc.
  • Need to be physically fit
  • Need to operate under pressure in the procedural environment.
  • Should be good enough across different topics. You should be well-rounded
  • She got selected out of 23000 applicants

What does this training at ESA mean?

Astronaut Basic training: 1–2 years.

  • Has control rooms to speak to astronauts
  • Pressure chambers
  • Cycle to the astronaut center and then full-day training.
  • Learn medicine also. How to do first aid.
  • Gravity is the constant on Earth. That’s non-existent in space.
  • Have to exercise a lot in space. 2 hrs gym in space.
  • Learn nutrition. Did the ocean survival, Fire survival
  • Handle pressure leak. Zero G.
  • Each mission control has 1000 people.
  • Photography. Learning languages.
  • The first person to walk on Mars is sitting in the school class now.

She was in SES. Went to India as part of “ Engineers without Borders”.

Also Learnt Music, dancing, debating, etc

Having hobbies is important!!

Great Insights into what’s important.



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