AstroCamp- Yelagiri- 08 Apr to 09 Apr 2022 by SPACE India

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Credits: Ranjit Kumar, Space India- Yelagiri

Space India Astro Camp, Yelagiri, Tamilnadu, India- Well planned trip for the kids by Space India. Such a bunch of professionals to show the dream to kids.

Preparation : it’s just not this. I have been associated with Space India for last 18 months and every time they arrange something, its planned properly for sure.

Planning : Excellent planning by Space India. The detailed schedule has been published and with consistent messaging in whatsapp group ensured that the schedule is engrained in our minds. Good introduction to start off. Best experience does come when kids have hands on. In the field /ground, there were different types of telescope like 8" dobsonian,130eq, SCT. Few binoculars for the participants to casually pick up and use. Many people are shy to ask. When the binoculars are laying around, it gave the kids to pick up and see for themselves. Thanks to this idea.

Added fun with the camp fire in the night, with songs, brought in lot of energy to sustain the night.

Planer disc was another great tool for identifying what’s there in sky today. Simple, hand carry disc, helped to make everyone know what’s in sky. Post this session, there was a trip to camp grounds. With the ground rule that no white lights, we were given red torch lights to use. You won’t believe, entire set of kids and adults followed it to last set of instructions. That showed the eagerness to learn. This session went on from 11 pm to 1.30am. Around 2am Mr Milky way Galaxy popped up and it was dancing in the sky, at the tail of Scorpio. We did a entire group photo. We at the front of Milky Way Galaxy.. Amazing moments to cherish. Thanks to Ranjith and team who patiently explained everyone how to hold the telescope , binocular, how to use them. Assignments were given at that night to try their best to focus the stars, constellations. Using the Planer disk, Ranjit asked the puzzles on where is Crux, where is Scorpio, where is Tie etc.. People had to use the laser focussed light to point all the stars for each of the constellation or object in the Sky.

I am sure you would have seen the photos in Instagram. If not, click this link — Feast for your eyes. !

We could not go to 4.30am session to see the planets. We missed the beautiful rings of Saturn! In the morning, We met Mr Ranjith to collect the certificate. We were so happy thay we made it to this trip. We could not give 100% of us as we just landed on the morning of camp from Sydney! My son was so tired and so we were.

May be another camp for sure with 100% participation from us.

Thanks to Mr. Yogesh who is motivating the kids day in and day out on this Astronomy Journey. Look out in fb for more information : or at

Few observations: Be prepared for the type of accommodation and food of what you get in YMCA. Post 6 pm, its difficult to get good restaurants. Looks for Sterling resorts if you need bit of comfort.



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