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Don’t let the ideas go through the drain

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Are you a Heavy Lifter or Slow Burn personality ?

  • Wait for perfect moment to do “2 weeks of writing”
  • You will never get time to take 2 weeks off for this work.
  • The thought of doing this heavy work doesn’t help you to start at all

If you had said Yes to above questions , then you are Heavy Lifter

  • Do it small bits and pieces
  • build upon this, slowly
  • and in no time, you will be done with this work then you are Slow Burn

Another aspect which you can related to is the “Perfectionism vs Progressiveness”. Until you start, you will never finish and there is no perfection if you don’t finish.

The difference between starting an activity vs not doing it all is just 1 minute. Start the activity, do this for 1 min and then you will start going forward and foward. Every creation starts with this fundamental understanding.

Irrespective of whether your Heavy Lifter or Slow burn, Ideas will come to you at the time you don’t expect. Scientificaly, these ideas come when you slow down.. in Shower, when you are in nature, when you are running or swimming. But, most of the times in dry area, you can note down.. But in water area? that’s where this “AQUA Notes” helps.

Have a look at couple of product I found :

Use these notes, never miss out your ideas.

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