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Gurusubramanian Swaminathan
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Its been around 45 days of active writing and participation in Medium platform.

About Gurusubramanian Swaminathan

Having tested myself and the process of getting the articles out, its time to Introduce myself to this platform

What else could be the best time for this ? With 500 followers for my Medium post, suddenly there is a sense of responsibility in what I write.

A Sense of responsibility is the clear indication of mature leadership — John C Maxwell

Born and brought up in Chennai, India. Immediately after high school, got very good exposure of studying and working in other cities in India including Coimbatore, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Mumbai to name a few. Currently living in Sydney, Australia. But have been travelling across the east part of the world for very long time now. Started my Journey to Taiwan, then Hongkong and spent considerable amount of time in Singapore. Singapore — the country which gives sense of perfection in everything. Predictable and not to mention, shaped my thoughts on many things.

Having hopped on from one place to another, sort of getting stuck now in Sydney for last 6 years. Fundamentally, I believe that everything is for a reason. May be not able to understand now but for a better cause.

Investment in knowledge pays the best interest — Benjamin Franklin

Education had been the topmost priority during the growing and learning years. This was something imbibed on me from my parents. Travelling has always been my forte. There is a famous quote in Tamil

Yaadhum Oore Yaavarum Kelir — Tamil poet

“All the places on earth are our town and all the people are our relatives (all are evolved from common ancestors),

All these travels were possible due to my work nature as IT program Manager. Visiting different clients and implementing the solutions. With the great opportunity, travelled across many places like Taiwan, Hongkong, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, London, Dubai, Malaysia etc.

The culmination of all these travel, life experiences, work experience (dealing with multitude of persona’s in work life)…



Gurusubramanian Swaminathan

Life Coach working with people to enhance their lives (Career, Personal).Vivid Writer in Medium Platform on Positivity,Life Lessons & Reflections.IT Program Mgr