Tokyo Olympics 2020



With our City Lockdown for the entire Olympics duration, we have spent more time counting medals Tokyo Olympics 2020 than the COVID-19 numbers.

Olympics is the culmination of years of hard work, understood and felt by especially for the athletes who did not get the podium in a gap of few seconds or milliseconds. While everyone understands the significance of seconds, the best we saw was on 8th Aug 2021 for Men’s Marathon. E Kipchoge of Kenya was very well ahead of everyone atleast by a minute and maintained till end. Abdi from Belgium was on…

On this Father’s Day, this is an apt tribute to my dad’s way of communication.

“Teaching valuable life lessons” is one of the core values of Father as per #DharmaShastra.

I could not have asked more when I was staying in Hostel during my college years. What was the lifeline was the “inland letters” . At a college hostel , where the initial few months were all strangers, this was the lifeline. Until 12th standard(Year 12) you were kept cocooned in the protective environment of its own where there was no requirement for us to communicate with friends and family…

What a beautiful morning to re-live our -My blessed family’s- experience on our Grand and first observatory trip in Australia and first in any country we have lived in.

Before we delve into this out of world experience, it’s worth to note why we did this tour. What prompted us, why interest in observatory. To be specific why interest in Astronomy.

Being brought up with strong Indian Subcontinent flavour, astrology and astronomy has always fascinated. While we didn’t do much , other than knowing about astrology and related astrological events in our life’s, Astronomy was different. It was unreadable …

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It’s been quite sometime we saw a super hero movie, where during the lockdown all the movies were either related to RAW or eerie ghost related !.

We Can Be Heroes(2020) is a Netflix original movie with funny sequences for the kids while delving into a deeper meaning. At least when we see the movie certain characters are so similar in life. Movie also provides a confidence to Kids that they can be Heroes. They can do things- once they decide what they want to do- with super confident on their abilities. Sometimes as adults we face this through.

Intermittent Fasting. Image Credits :

This is my attempt to decode the way of life — specific to managing sugars in our body. Having followed what I have said here and also recommended to few of my friends/family members who have benefitted from Intermittent Fasting.

Our beliefs: We have always been told that white sugars are the main ingredient which shoots up our blood sugars. Hence do not consume more sweets — during our celebration times like Diwali, New year and various other religious festivals throughout the year. While this information has been passed on from one generation to another, there was no real understanding…

Abhinava e-Patashala

Ultimate MasterStroke from Sri Dushyanth Sridhar

Covid-19 has certainly helped to get back to our roots of what’s important.

It’s through this pandemic time , we learn to unlearn and go back to basics. That’s when I started chanting “Purusha Suktham” . If we try to unravel , it’s just 22 minutes of chanting with follow-on to learn and only 7 mins and 4 seconds to chant this daily. Having learnt this and chanting daily in the evening at home during the lock-down period, the next step was to understand the meaning of what we were chanting. That’s when I came across the explanation of Purusha Suktham in English by Sri…

Times have changed

Calibrations in the Key

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We are proud. We are proud that our millennial (well, almost) made into Prestigious Robert Bosch GmbH, close to Headquarters. From today’s perspective, it looks like an obvious choice of career after completing Masters in Germany. Oh! Yes… that’s another feather in his cap. Let’s call him — Mr.John.

What you see is like the tip of an iceberg. There had been a large tectonic shift in the attitude and major happenings compared to just 6 years ago.. Times have changed. …

Gurusubramanian S

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